Cortina 24″ Engineer Grade Reflective Stop / Slow Paddle with 81″ Plastic Handle 03-822P


Easily direct traffic with this Cortina 24″ engineer grade reflective stop / slow paddle 03-822P. This convenient unit features a 24″ paddle to alert drivers and direct them around your work zone. The double-sided paddle features 8″ large text with “stop” on one side and “slow” on the other side to guide vehicles safely. This paddle is made from durable plastic, and it features engineer-grade reflective sheeting to provide adequate visibility.

This unit includes an 81″ long plastic handle with a bright orange color to increase visibility. This handle is long enough to rest on the street, providing comfort for workers during extended periods of use. Built with a weather-resistant construction, this unit will withstand the elements to provide years of service. Providing clear direction, this paddle ensures drivers can safely navigate your work zone.