Super Absorbent Universal Soc-3″x4′


  • Super Absorbent Foam filler that absorbs and locks in up to 50% more fluid – both water (aqueous) based and oil based fluids
  • Super Absorbent Foam wicks fluid faster and does not shed, drip or leak making for greater operational efficiencies in cleaning & disposing
  • Will not become slippery even when fully saturated
  • Only universal sock that absorbs equally effective for  both water & oil based fluids
  • Sustainable sorbent filler made from 100% Post Industrial Material!
  • Premium performance – Value Priced!
  • Ideal for when your application requires greater flexibility and/or absorbency.
  • Socks mold around equipment and fit in hard to reach places.
  • Great wicking and performance for all of your leaks, drips and spills.
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